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Your complete information guide when you come visiting Bali - Indonesia.
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What the year of 2009 is going to be like?
Some parties have uttered their prediction in tourism point of view for 2009. For sure, the global crisis will be the nightmare and undeniable for all core of business industries including the hospita..
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Conde Nast 2008 Readers Choice Awards
The 21st annual Conde Nast Reader's Choice Awards are given to the world-class Islands, Hotels, and Resorts. The votes are derived from the readers' votes through online website and paper poll. The re..
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Upcoming Events
Jan 29, 2009
Bali Magic Festival 2009

The Bali Magic Festival 2009 will be the most splendid magic festival ever. Taking place in Bali from January 29-30, 2009 this event will present Max Maven which is known today as the most popular men..
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Dec 03, 2008
Indonesia MICE & Corporate Travel Mart 2008

The Indonesia MICE & Corporate Travel Mart 2008 (IMCTM) will be held this upcoming 3-6 December 2008 at the Aston Denpasar. This event has a theme of Inspiration, Education, and Execution. The main pu..
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About Bali

What do you have in mind when you hear about Bali? Is it something about traditional ceremonies or the remarkable resorts which are stunningly located around the Island? Whatever you hear about Bali, it's definitely worth checking out. The best of all, people always have hundred reasons to keep coming back to Bali, more and more. Many places in Bali can makes you wow!, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Uluwatu, Bedugul, Canggu, Ubud, etc.

Bali has endless specialties to talk about, to write about. Even more, Bali has been being the head line and cover story for such great international magazines, famous tabloids, TV programs, and it's also written by so many reporters, journalists, editors, traveler' reportages, etc. Never ending story about Bali, with its great people, cultures, tourism sites, spas, foods, shopping corners, resorts… Above it all, Bali is so magical, so romantic, so meaningful…

Information about Bali is always chased by all of holiday's fanatics. The up-to-dated highlights are quite essential to get whenever you plan for taking vacation in Bali. What's in and what's out on the island of Gods are enticing to behold. Whether you are looking for great hotels to stay, cozy restaurants to eat, hot nightlife spots to have fun, or the most exciting shopping places to spend your money, all you need to have is accurate information.

Bali sightseeing offers numerous fun and pleasant feeling for your holiday's atmosphere. All the aspects to ensure your vacation's comfort have been provided by Bali for all the travelers. Health services, communication providers, pet treatments, travel agents, worship places, car or motorbike rentals, you name it all… Bali is the heaven for an ultimate pampering experience, no matter how it takes.

Speaking about cultures, Bali blends the Hinduism with culture. Balinese's the way of life is so much affected by their religion. That unique combination results in the new beauty which's always marvelous to be experienced. That's why Bali comes so unique and in certain ways, it feels mysterious.

If you wish to have fun and crazy night life in Bali, it's so easy to get. For this department, Kuta, Oberoi, Seminyak are the best spot to go wild. You can find so many bars along the Legian Street, filled by the crowd people with colorful dress-codes, great laughs, and also dances all night long. It's time to catch many new buddies and have fun together, then enjoy the endless happiness. Sanur is a good place too if you want to spent your night in Bar. There are many hotels and bar in Sanur.

If you want to have a dinner, you are pleased to go Jimbaran, a place with a romantic dinner with a sound of Jimbaran Ocean, a candle and live music. In this place, you will be offered a sea food, fresh fish, etc. Guarantee, you will like it.

Before ending up your vacation, trying the Balinese spas is a must-do. Don't be the last to know the cozy and classy spas to be pampered with. Make time for having the finest treatments such as ayurveda, Balinese massage, chocolate massage, Sujati rituals, manicure, or pedicure while escaping from the crowd of the beach. Well trained therapists using only natural organic products surely will share you a truly unforgettable Balinese spa experience.

For the inspiring holiday, Bali lets anyone capturing the great chances of being satisfied. With emphasizing on the high quality standard service, all of secret hideaway's seekers will be enticed to spend more time than they should. Time flies so fast if you really enjoy what you do. With so many things to do in Bali, it's always hard to leave, right?

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